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How to Survive Forced Vaccinations- Softcover Book


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Detox and Anti- Infection Protocols.

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This is the tool you need to cleanse out your body the toxins and infections from forces vaccines, whether flu shot, childhood inoculation, or COVID-19. Find out the danger of these vaccines and the most likely consequences, including the onset of serious diseases, like diabetes, arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, skin conditions, and cancer. Infections are likely viral, fungal, and bacterial. Cleanse them all, before these germs cause permanent damage.


Learn about the powers of oil of wild oregano to take out these germs. Aluminum and mercury are deadly toxins delivered directly by the inoculations, which cause great corruption in the neurological system and also the immune system. Learn how to safely detox them from the body. There is great immune system corruption. Find out how to rebuild it with natural medicines. Do all you can to help your body fight back against this corruption. Learn also the topical therapy to apply right after a forced vaccination. Without detoxing the vaccine, the onset of chronic disease is inevitable.


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