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The Cause for Cancer Revealed

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The Cause for Cancer Revealed 

In the Cause for Cancer Revealed by Dr Ingram he has determined the role of animal viruses and has found that these viruses enter our bodies, mainly through vaccines—monkey viruses and more.  He describes the vaccine danger, as well as the cure—wild spice oils and more. Determine your risks for developing cancer. Also, learn the government conspiracy behind the disease and discover the natural medicines you can use to treat and even cure it.

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2 reviews for The Cause for Cancer Revealed

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I’m on my way over to make a post. My best friend lost her batlte with breast cancer 3 years ago. She was full of life and had two young kids. Still very hard for me to believe. Anyway, thanks for the heads up about Cass’s site!Robin from photography class

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dr. Ingram was at the Health Food Center in OKC, OK giving his health medicine presentation. I was pleased to meet him after ward and obtain a signed copy of this book. My family has suffered the personal horror of this rapacious affliction many times over. Understanding that the Allopathic Big Medicine Monopoly on the “War On Cancer” is the failure that it is, I had always had the questions begging the answers as to etiology and from the start why they have maintained their epic dogma to perpetuate the medical failure, great fraud and the looming disaster in this man made disaster of epidemic proportion. To give us understanding is a blessing bestowed indeed. And it is not only to rational cause, the foundation upon which to rightly start, but foreseeable, obtainable individual cures which we each hope for in our own lifetime against this cursed illness and scourge of men, women and children.

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