Repeated, Severe Reactions from COVID-19 Shot are a Warning of Inevitable Vaccine-Induced Sudden Death

Cass Ingram

Dec. 24, 2020, additions, Dec. 24, 9:00 CST

With the aggressive campaign to vaccinate America’s health workers will come a cost. This will be the occurrence of inoculation-induced sudden death. In the vaccine trials it has already happened, typically from heart attacks. Yet, when health worker die, if they haven’t already, it will covered-up, categorized as death from unknown causes. It was just a coincidence that they had taken the vaccine a day, a few days, or weeks prior. Noted one writer, “Let’s say that someone receives a vaccine and then — unrelated to it — succumbs to a heart attack.” How would “anyone know it was unrelated?” The author goes on to say that “Still, the time course could raise questions.”

The issue is simple. Any injection strong enough to cause anaphylactic shock with the consequent violent histamine response plus the cytokine storm will result in deaths. It already has. This is partly why medical workers have their EPIPEN’s ready after taking the shot. Obviously, there is concern that people would rapidly succumb after the shot; otherwise, there is no need for the epinephrine.

It is all about manipulating the facts on behalf of pharmaceutical entities. For instance, on December 23 it was reported that an Alabama health worker, who had received the Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 suffered a “severe allergic reaction several minutes later,” yet, of course , “appears to be recovering…”  How can anyone ever recover from that degree of toxicity and also the fright of going suddenly from healthy to nearly dying?

A doctor in Alaska was severely sickened from allergic shock some 10 minutes after taking the vaccine and was saved through aggressive medical intervention. In New York it is also reported that a health care worker became hospitalized after suffering a severe adverse effect, also via anaphylaxis. There were at least two nurses in the state who suffered similar consequences. In Idaho two The Idaho Division of Public Health two healthcare workers experienced severe allergic reactions, also referred to as serious adverse events, after they received the Pfizer vaccine.

In New York City a health care worker, one of first to vaccinated, suffered a serious adverse reaction. At best. at the time of this publication he is listed in stable condition. This also means his life was risked.

In Illinois a north suburban hospital “paused” its vaccination campaign after four workers suffered toxicity, which occurred seconds or minutes after being injected. Symptoms included tingling and elevated heart rates.

In Virginia a nursed suffered an outbreak of hives, and because anaphylaxis can potentially prove fatal  “will not take the second shot,”” said Gary Miller to 12News.

It was known to be poisonous before. Saiid Susan Froehlich, a trial participant, as reported to CNN, “every part of my body was hurting for about four hours.” Dr. David Yamane noted that he developed chills and a headache. He became so fatigued that he fell asleep on the couch midday, all the way to the next morning finding himself drenched in sweat. “These symptoms,” he told the network, “are no joke.”

Here is the point. All these individuals were relatively healthy prior to vaccination. Now, there lives are complicated. No one knows what will happen in the long-term. Moreover, it cannot be said that only a small percentage of the injected were severely stricken. This is an invasive procedure bearing toxic chemicals and foreign protein. Over time, the consequences could be dire, as has been seen in other vaccinations such as the MMR and the hepatitis B injection.

Let us at least list the common side-effects, so that any vaccine taker can be well-informed:

  • injection site pain
  • fatigue
  • headache, which can be severe
  • muscle pain
  • chills
  • joint pain
  • fever
  • sweating

This is indicative of systemic toxicity, clearly demonstrating the development of the body’s reaction against the inoculation, known as the cytokine storm. It is this storm that will lead to fatality, whether clear and obvious or disguised. The latter involves the giving of acetaminophen and Indocin-class drugs prior to minimize the symptoms. With no proof being found that these vaccines even work, that is reducing the transmission or severity of this disease, it is not worth the risk. According to the British Medical Journal the current vaccine trials were never set up to determine efficacy. As there is no evidence the shots are effective a person is far better off not vaccinating.

It is claimed some 550,000 will have died by April 1, 2021. With vaccines that death rare is predicted to go down, for instance, by the pandemic predictions entity IHME by only 20,000. Clearly, vaccines are a useless approach for this infectious syndrome. Easily, of the 550,000 given vaccines 20,000 will be sickened. What a poor trade-off it is. A completely different approach must be taken. This is to make the body so strong that it can fight off this disease. It is to also use hot, antiseptic spice oils as killer agents, both internally and topically as well as through vaporization and diffusion. Spice oils with such antiseptic powers include oils of wild oregano, cumin oil, bay leaf oil, and cinnamon oil. Look in particular for a mycellized antiseptic spray made of oils of oregano, clove bud, and bay leaf as well as similar formulas. This emulsion is powerful enough to kill all airborne and surface pathogens and can be diluted at least 10:1 and is still effective.Keeping the pathogen load in the indoor environments to a minimum is a major protective action. Zinc, vitamin C, and the fat soluble nutrients vitamins A and D all play a role. A person will have to do the research to determine the best quality possible.

The intake of hot spice oils is a potent, reliable treatment. So are lifestyle changes, for instance, the reduction of the intake of alcohol and white sugar. This is a sensible approach and one that would effectively reduce the death rate far more so than vaccinations.

No one has ever been severely sickened or has died from such interventions. Yet, wait a minute, we are told COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Weeks before the assault, it was said by the FDA, among others, there are “no serious concerns.” Yet, without medical intervention a number of the recipients would likely have died, and the toxicity is clearly being downplayed, or worse, covered up.