Research Proves the Vaccine Connection to Autism with Obvious Lymphatic Intestinal Damage

May 20, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

It is obvious that vaccines cause vast tissue damage. Most vulnerable to this are growing, developing children. Infants and children are assaulted with these poisonous shots, resulting in unmeasurable damage.

The claim that they have nothing to do with this disease is a grotesque lie. In its current form the disease was unknown until inoculations were introduced.

It is time that the people of this world fight back against autism in every way possible. Medicine has no answers. In fact, it perpetuates it by creating all manner of fabrications. When Andrew Wakefield, M.D., presented his original findings, it was received positively. This was to such a degree that it was published in a major medical journal.  Then, a mechanism was put into place to scandalize it, to destroy and undermine it. This was slandering the physician himself, deeming him, wrongly so, a a fraud. All manner of deceit was used. It was all to protect the industrial-pharmaceutical companies from the true revelations of their fraud. In fact, through this, it is clear that Dr. Wakefield is exonerated.

Even so, it doesn’t matter what was said about the science. Rather, what matters is what the science fully reveals. What it demonstrates, categorically, is that vaccines, in this case the measles, mumps, and rubella inoculation, perpetrate vast intestinal damage, particularly of its immune system.

The gut contains a specialized density of lymphatic tissue, known as the Peyer’s Patches. Incredibly, it accounts for some 60% of all lymphatic tissue in the body. This demonstrates the crucial importance of this system for defending the body from all that might be ingested or encountered through the digestive process.

Wakefield, a gastroenterologist, did the study with a number of colleagues, and made a number of key findings. This included the discovery of gross damage to the tissues of the children. They were selected as the had suffered obvious reactions to the vaccines, including highly adverse reactions rapidly afterwards. “Five had had an early adverse reaction to immunization (rash, fever, delirium).” Three suffered convulsions, proving the harshness of the impact. All had unusual behavioral disorders occurring at various times post-vaccination, all by 14 days, some as early as three days. The majority suffered from extreme digestive distress.

Here are the key findings which amount to hard proof of the degree of toxicity:

The above is what was found in the small intestine via colonoscopy. What extreme corruption of tissue health this represents. As well, he discovered evidence of the vaccine germs in this tissue, that is in the form of measles antigens.

Why doesn’t the world know that the MMR causes this degree of damage? The article in Lancet has been ‘retracted’ in order to hide this evidence. Clearly, it shows that the lymphatic nodules are under siege. In fact, they are grossly inflamed and infected. The infection is from the various noxious pathogens within the MMR shot.

In contrast, above is found a normal small intestine of the ileum section from a normal, health, non-vaccinated child.

Now, look at the comparison. It is beyond comprehension. One is completely corrupt, diseased to the extreme, the other being functional, healthy, and disease-free. Notice, too, the excellence of blood flow in the non-vaccinated tissue, while the lack and, therefore, nutritional and oxygen deficiency in the other. Within those abnormal nodular swellings live vaccine viruses. In some cases ulceration of the tissue from such infection was noted, which was never seen in normal tissue from non-vaccinated controls.

There were ulcers and plugged-up lymphatic tissue filled with actively infective viruses according to the Wakefield report? No wonder these MMR-tainted children suffer from the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and other intestinal conditions. No wonder they so often have extreme intolerance to foods, allergic reactions, behavioral disorders, and constipation. Who would in their right minds support such medical intervention upon their children, permanently ruining their lives? May the perpetrators be condemned for their demonic acids, which amount to criminal assault.

Supplements of choice

The ideal supplements for supporting health in the case of autism are those which offer a cleansing action for the lymphatics. The infection came from the bloodstream to the intestinal lymphatic tissue. The degree  of disease and inflammation in the involved vessels is extreme. Ideal supplements include oil of wild oregano, the juice-essence of wild oregano, and the whole. crude herb with Rhus coriaria. These are known as edible wild oregano supplements and can be taken with impunity by children and also teenagers. The same would apply to adult cases. No doubt, these natural medicines are the most potent available for purging vaccine viruses from the tissues.

Another aid are the wild, raw greens extracts. Combined with wild oregano these have a gentle but effective cleansing action on the intestinal lymphatics. The intake of such greens extracts, typically containing wild, raw dandelion leaf plus root, wild, raw burdock leaf, and wild, raw nettle leaf, with the wild oregano supplements is the ideal protocol for autism support.

There is much discussion of the toxins and heavy metals in vaccinations. However, there is not sufficient discussion of the role of infections agents in the cause of vaccine-perpetrated disease. Wakefield has shown that these agents play a definitive role. They do so by infecting the gut’s lymphatics. This leads to what he as described as a gut-brain connection to the autistic spectrum.

Dietary issues

With autism, great care must be taken to structure a sound diet. Yet, as long as the intestinal infection remains, progress will be impaired. The main issue is to avoid the consumption of toxic foods. These include corn, soy, beet sugar, canola, and cottonseed. This is especially true, since all these are GMOs. In addition, in many cases gluten must be avoided, as well as cow’s milk products. Sugar is particularly disastrous and must be avoided at all costs.

Yet, the major focus is to purge the tissues of all vaccine-induced residues. Use the wild oregano oil as the cleansing herb, along with associated natural medicines, like the juice of wild oregano and the whole crude herb. Expect to see positive results. If the wild, raw greens liquid supplements could be added, all the more benefit.