Seventeen Year-Old with Covid-19 Sees Major Improvement in Less than 24 Hours with Wild Oregano Therapy

C. Ingram, D.O.

April 30, 2020

Talk of drugs that ‘might work’ or that seem to ‘decrease’ the number of days for recovery is senseless. In extensive clinical trials, essentially, these drugs show no significant impact such as antiviral powers to obliterate the disease. Even so, what else could be expected of synthetic drugs made through recombinant technology? It is the artificially man-made versus the divine, the all-intelligent. That is the battle that the human race is currently fighting.

It is an ongoing battle with incredible resistance against natural medicines arising from the established, entrenched medical system. God is great, and He knows best what human beings need. This will eventually be proven, just as will the categorical failure of synthetic and recombinant ‘technology.’ In this regard it will be shown that drug therapy vastly increased complications and death rate, while natural medicines protected people, diminished or eliminated side effects, while also saving lives.

There are are plethora of natural medicines that would aid people in this fight that work rapidly, within minutes or hours in the least, that are being neglected. For the powers of wild spice oils this is a minor issue. This is particularly true of wild oregano oil, which destroys viruses on contact.

Consider the case of a Joliet, Illinois, youth, who contracted the disease from his grandfather. Testing positive, he began suffering the litany of symptoms typical of this condition. While his grandfather, who was at a high risk from COPD, whom he lived with, was in the ICU and on a ventilator, he began suffering a sensation of “not feeling well,” also describing it as “feeling awful.” This was followed by a fever, which spiked, and a dry cough, which persistently worsened. His doctor said that if he did not improve shortly, he would have to be hospitalized and possibly intubated. This was a real possibility, as his cough was getting “worse and worse.”

As he was an orphan a couple was fond of looking after him. While he placed himself in quarantine she rushed over to him a bottle of wild oregano oil in a super-strength concentration, along with capsules of multiple spice oil extract consisting of oils of cumin, wild sage, wild oregano, and cinnamon. Including a diffuser, dropping it off at 10:00 p.m. she wrote a note instructing him to continuously diffuse the oil, while “deeply inhaling the steam through each nostril three times each hour.’  He was to also take two capsules of the multiple spice oil concentrate and another upon waking up in the morning.

This was an example of a good Samaritan helping another person out of the goodness of her heart. She, once again, texted him to make sure he would take those deep breaths all waking hours.

In less than 9 hours he reported back that he was ‘actually feeling better.” Previously borderline, potentially requiring hospitalization, by another 11 hours his fever was virtually gone, with the cough diminished 90%.

When he reported this back to his doctor, telling him precisely what he was taking in pleasure and excitement, he received a bizarre retort. “It must just have been a mild strain then,” he proclaimed.

There is a vast resistance to the value of any natural medicine by the existing medical system. This is an unmeasurable detriment to the general public. At least in a case such as this where, potentially, a life was saved there should be recognition of the value, so it can be investigated. To refuse to accept it and to even belittle, as well as diminish, it can only lead to additional harm.

The doctor, at least, should have inquired further into this dramatic case. He should well-know that there are no current therapies in all of medicine that could have achieved this sudden, undeniable turn-around. Instead, he turned away and rejected it.

The good Samaritan responded freely from her heart, out of concern, and in desperation to help, providing these supplements at her own expense. The doctor, paid for his services, showed no consideration, perhaps a lack of compassion, for this telling, obvious result. The least he could have done was to show interest, saying, for instance, “This is a phenomenal improvement, unheard of in all medicine. Let me describe this case history in my notes, write down what you did and what you were taking, for the sake of my other patients. In fact, bring these supplements to me so I can look at them; I am curious.” Instead, he rejected it. This is the dilemma of modern medicine, demonstrating, as it routinely does, a categorical incompetence in the treatment of disease.

Make no mistake in the case of Covid-19 medicine is inept, to the extreme.