Social Distancing Makes Sense but only for Pigs, Chickens, and Cows

May 4, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

Who came up with this idea for all the people of this world for “social distancing?” Are we expected to stay away from each other forever? Does this even make any sense? People have lived in close quarters for countless centuries. Why change this suddenly now? The fact is there is no evidence to any degree that it would make a difference. Let us remove this phrase from all our commentary, never again to re-visit it.

Here is the evidence of the tyranny of it all. The outbreak in question, COVID-19, arose from industrial farming practices, likely associated with vaccinations. So, it is a mega-farming, industrial-pharmaceutical accident. This is never discussed by anyone, medical, government, or government-sponsored agencies, let alone the WHO. Yet, while the factory farm industry is given all manner of support in the midst of this outbreak, a wide range of draconian measures are aimed at humans.

Let us look at one eyewitness report about how inane is the claim of a merciless, deadly pandemic, one requiring draconian action:

Yesterday I took my husband to the hospital where his cardiologist has his office. Upon entering the hospital we were stopped, temperature checked, and handed a mask. “If you don’t mind, would you put on a mask?,” the person said. “As a matter of fact I do mind,” I said. But I took it, and put it on, because it’s their hospital. The minute I got upstairs to the cardiologists office I took it off and didn’t put it back on despite the evil eye I got from all the sheeple. When the cardiologist came in, he goes through his routine, and then he says, “You can’t get the virus by someone breathing on you. It’s only by touching a surface that’s been contaminated.” This from a guy wearing a mask. It’s all theater. By the way the testing center at the hospital was deserted.

Coughing, though, can be explosive. Of note, if someone coughs in close quarters and their infective secretions are all over you, it is possible to get it that way. More likely, though, direct contact on the hands and then touching the eyes, face, or mouth, these are obvious ways of inoculation.

Regardless, it is back to the industrial farms. If nothing is done about this, if these farms are to exist and expand on the accepted, intensive scales, all the social distancing in the world will amount to nothing. Even if this disease process somehow comes under control, it will happen again, this time likely worse with an increased rate of fatality. Let us review these farming practices as a proof of how ludicrous is this demand imposed upon the people.

In New York City, the US’s epicenter, there are some 80 wet markets with live animals packed together in tight quarters. Are any of the police squads going there to break up the crowds?

Here are chickens in a wet market forced to cannibalize a carcass, pecking at it to consume the rotting flesh.

The following is the typical mega-scale factory farm, in this case chickens for laying eggs.

This is the breeder of disease, not by any means how close humans are to each other.

Shouldn’t there also be a degree of distance for these caged animals? Should people be aware? After all, bird flu is up to 60% fatal. If the world doesn’t improve the social distancing here, there could be a real horrific pandemic, where the infected has little chance of survival.

These pigs don’t have any distancing rules at all, in such a limited space they are standing atop one another: how sad. We have to fix this issue, because the last two major outbreaks, the 2009 nasty flu, H1N1, and even COVID-19, are clearly pig-related.

What about the cows? It is no better for them, but if they stood atop each other, they would suffocate to death, all that massive weight and all:

Why are there no masks mandated for these great carriers of disease and epidemics?

Clearly, social distancing is a supreme hoax, a fake, a phony. Unless the industrial farm issue is dealt with it amounts to nothing other than extreme propaganda.

From Dr. Joel Hay’s Website here is the latest information, where he debunks the whole idea that this is far more vicious than terrible cases of the flu. It is virulent enough, but is it as fatal as acclaimed?

The death rate for people infected with the new coronavirus may be as low as 0.25% — far lower than the mortality rates of 2-4% or even higher cited in the early days of the pandemic.

Dr. Donald Yealy based it partly on studies of levels of coronavirus antibodies detected in people in New York and California, and partly on COVID-19 deaths in the Pittsburgh region. The studies found that 5-20% of people had been exposed to the coronavirus, with many noticing only mild illness or none at all, he said.

“We’ve learned that way more people, far, far more people have actually been exposed to the infection without any knowledge of it. That makes the overall death rate much lower,” said Yealy, who is UPMC’s chair of emergency medicine. “Many people just didn’t feel sick at all and recovered without difficulty.”

This would mean 0.25 percent of people exposed to the coronavirus had died, he said.

“There is a big difference between 0.25% mortality and 7%,” Yealy said.

In other words, the company should open up and deal with this, immediately. What about Healy’s work on the prisons? Let us see what he has discovered:

What does it show? There are only some 300 deaths in the entire prison system, where people are packed together, where social distancing is virtually impossible. If this was an issue, as acclaimed, where it is all caused by being too close to others, it would rampant beyond belief.

Social distancing makes no sense, even by the data, certainly not in the long-term. Other than when dealing with the highly vulnerable and chronically ill there is no basis for it. It takes nothing into the account of the truly important arena, which is the immune system and how to strengthen it. There is no harm in spending time with your friends and loved ones. Always be conscious, though, of the severely ill. This is mainly for their protection.

Even so, if in contact, wash the hands, especially when touching potentially contaminated surfaces. But don’t be paranoid about it. As far as protection find an essential oil-based spray, ideally with natural spice oils, like wild oregano, lavender, and bay leaf. Cinnamon and lemongrass oils are also antiseptic. Use any such oil on the hands, body, surfaces, as desired. As well, consider the intake of extra cinnamon and also the most powerful natural immune support, oil of wild oregano.

Yet, where is it rampant? For one, wherever there is real filth—and where the governments of the world should have been looking, all along. It is in meat slaughterhouses, where there should have been distancing from the beginning, pigs rooting in the woods, chickens in the fields protecting themselves with their pecking orders, and cattle grazing on the range.