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Sudden Death in Flu Victims Caused by Vaccines – Case Studies Sudden Death in Flu Victims Caused by Vaccines – Case Studies
Despite popular claims otherwise the flu shot is exceedingly dangerous, in fact, the most dangerous, deadly vaccine of all. Moreover, it cannot help anyone... Sudden Death in Flu Victims Caused by Vaccines – Case Studies

Despite popular claims otherwise the flu shot is exceedingly dangerous, in fact, the most dangerous, deadly vaccine of all. Moreover, it cannot help anyone ward off the illness, which is yet another myth. As well, for a mere $25 or less, even for free, a person could subjugate himself/herself to a catastrophic illness, even fatality.

On what basis should a person get this inoculation? It will not protect anyone and will, rather, fully cause and fuel the epidemic. It is, after all, the most reported inoculation cause of death globally: the number-one cause of vaccine-induced sudden death in the American public.

Regardless, how is it possible that young and relatively healthy people are dying from the flu? In many cases upon deeper research it is found that a number of the deaths are caused not by the disease itself but, rather, directly by the shot and/or the shedding of vaccine virus. As well, how can a purportedly necessary medical intervention be deemed protective, or even useful, while it causes sudden, catastrophic death in otherwise healthy individuals?

This is demonstrated by this year’s pathogen at-large: the porcine-based H3N2 strain. There can be no doubt about it in many sudden death catastrophes this is the causative factor. It is precisely the strain found in the majority of 2017-2018 flu vaccines. In vaccine production the pig-based virus was injected into fertilized eggs in which it mutated, likely being combined with potentially noxious avian pathogens, like avian influenza virus and/or leukemia virus.

It was the CDC itself which admitted this, saying that, without doubt, this pathogen is derived exclusively from vaccines.

Pig viruses are notoriously dangerous. If they mutate sufficiently, they can cause a global pandemic, resulting in potentially countless millions of deaths. As well, such pathogens operate by stealth. Here, they may cause fatality by sudden reaction, as in the sudden deaths seen in the more recent flu victims.

Consider the case of an 8 year-old Arkansas boy, 2017, who suffered such a sudden reaction and simply died. The youth was admittedly a recipient of the flu shot, and the media articles state that he died “despite getting” the injection. The fact is he was inoculated with  the aggressive porcine mutant and it ran roughshod over his body; there was no chance for his survival.

According his father this child, an autism victim, Tyler Dannaway, became ill suddenly with a fever spiking to 105 degrees within hours of feeling sick. Just as suddenly, he stopped breathing and was dead on arrival to the hospital. As revealed by KARK the parent’s greatest shock was that “they had hoped he was protected, because he had received the flu shot”… According to Mr. Dannaway “Sunday morning, he was laughing, giggling; 48 hours later, he was gone.”

Consider also the case of an Indiana mother of two, Kalie Slaven, who died within four days after being exposed. Here, the source of the fatal virus wasn’t direct inoculation but, rather, indirect: through shedding.  The shedding was from her children and husband, who had received the shot. After being in such close contact with such an viral load she became ill and subsequently died.

According to her father, Karl Illg, the family members she had cared for had “all gotten their flu shots, and they had got over it…” Even so, it was yet another stealth-based death, as she had been seen in ER prior and nothing could be found, the tests proving negative.

All people are vulnerable to these inoculations, as demonstrated by the 2013 death of a healthy Salt Lake City youth. Fit and vibrant, Chandler Webb died, once again, suddenly, after receiving the jab. His flu vaccine-induced death was admitted by medical officials after his mother pressed the issue, although they propagandized it as much as possible, for instance, this statement by the Utah Health Department:

Like other medical procedures there can be side effects and adverse reactions (as in Webb’s case, however) in the vast majority of the cases the side effects are not very severe…

This is mere wordsmithing. How about a bit of compassion for the sake of the loved ones, at least to admit and honor up to what happened to this young man and how his entire future was stolen away?

In yet another vaccine-induced incident a 37 year-old man was found to have died. According to

Chad Rattray (a hot dog vender from Spokane, Washington) died suddenly…of complications related to the flu. He was 37 years old and… as generally healthy and had a flu shot this year

Though it is anecdotal here is an interesting report from a woman posting on a vaccine information site:

My son’s teacher got the flu vaccine and came to class (sick) and shedding. My son caught it from him, missed two weeks of school, and lost ten pounds.

With such a degree of toxicity there must be other therapies to rely upon besides this noxious injection. The most useful of all are germicidal spice oils. In studies at Georgetown University it was found that the most potent broad spectrum germ killers are oils of wild oregano and sage as well as cinnamon and cumin oils. The following is a powerful, reliable protocol that all people can adhere to in order to protect themselves from the flu virus and from vaccine virus-shedding individuals:

  • oil of wild oregano, edible, daily use type: five drops twice daily (using a super-strength form in the event of extremely dangerous circumstances)
  • multiple spice oil complex with dried oils of wild oregano and sage plus cumin seed oil and cinnamon oil: two capsules twice daily

As well, it would be ideal to make use of a multiple spice oil-based aromatic spray, known as Germ-a-Clenz (or OregaSpray), both at home and when traveling. Tested by Celsus Labs it can be misted on the hands and body but also into the air, killing 99% of all germs on contact. Through this, the likelihood of the sudden striking and spread of the vaccine-derived flu virus will be greatly diminished.



Healthy People Who Were Vaccinated for the Flu Continue Dying


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    January 31, 2018 #1 Author

    Other side affects, not as serious as death can happen also. When my healthy husband was suddenly diagnosed with type 1/juvenile diabetes, it was traced back to the flu shot he had been given. It attacked his pancreas. I have not and will not take a flu shot.


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