Synthetic drug remdesivir fails in clinical trials, natural medicines would have done better

C. Ingram, D.O.

April 25, 2020

The abrupt cancellation of the randomized clinical trial of the purported anti-coronavirus drug remdesivir is highly suspect. There must have been unanticipated toxicity; after all, it was highly touted and much hope was held for it. Otherwise, it would not have been cancelled. The claim is that there were not enough patients to enroll in the study. Most likely, instead, it was from side effects and lack of effectiveness. According to the summary of the China study, remdesivir was “not associated with a difference in time to clinical improvement” compared to a standard of care control. After one month, it appeared 13.9% of the remdesivir patients had died compared to over 12% of the untreated. Could the results have been fudged in order to alter the end-result? That could explain why it was terminated.

Regardless, with all the high expectations for the study, termination is no minor issue.

With this drug no one knows the extent of the toxicity. However, importantly, according to a Fox News report in some 18 people the drug was halted due to side effects. No wonder Gilead couldn’t find enough people for the trial. The exact quote is: “Remdesivir was stopped early in 18 patients because of side effects.” Therefore, the drug proved worse than the disease progression.

The results were reported by the WHO, which posted them on its Website. Then, rapidly, this was taken down. Clearly, this amounted to a major embarrassment to the drug-maker, causing a sinking of its stock value.

Since the study was run exclusively by the maker, drug company Gilead, the real reason for the cancellation is most likely being disguised. Why start the trial and then quit it? There may have been horrific results, including premature death. At the minimum the potential harm from the medication was greater than any benefit, so, ethically, it had to be halted.

Once such result was related to liver damage. In previous human studies elevated liver enzymes were reported. In China the drug has been found to also cause liver toxicity. In some cases the skin of Covid-19-afflicted doctors treated with remdesivir turned dark brown or blackish. This was from liver damage and the resulting deposition of iron in the tissues. The liver acts clear and store iron from dead blood cells and other sources, along with the spleen. If these are disturbed, that iron may be stored elsewhere, clearing upon the healing of these organs.

Here is further evidence of a cover-up. Dr. Li Shusheng, who is treating both physicians,  reported that the patients’ skin turned black “due to a type of medicine they were given…” He obviously refused to name it, though.  He then added that one of the drug’s side effects is the darkening of skin color, still refusing to list it.

Is that not bizarre to the extreme, hiding the name of the drug? According to China in Focus there is no issue. It reported, quoting a Chinese liver specialist, that liver damage and also this blackening of the skin is a known toxicity of the Gilead drug.

That’s all these people need is a poisoned liver. They have enough to deal with besides this. It is surprising that they even survive. Researchers had already previously documented liver damage in patients, this through elevated enzymes, a sign of cell death.

Drug companies cannot be trusted. They will do whatever is necessary to protect the bottom line, even if it means fabricating the results.

There is all sorts of pontificating, including here in the United States. ‘All the patients who took it survived,’ seems to be the best that can be said. Yet, according to involved physicians, for instance, Dr. Kali of Houston Methodist Hospital, “We are looking for not only a statistical difference, but also for a meaningful clinical improvement,” adding that most patients improve over time, drug-treated or not.

The drug, regardless, is a hopeless endeavor. It is nothing other than experimental at best. It already failed in Ebola. Why would it work here? Plus, like any other synthetic compounds based upon petrochemicals, it creates a burden on the body, which was obvious from the unsightly results of liver damage.

Only traditional, natural medicines must be used in this condition. Free of side effects the only possible result would be productive. Top examples include oil of wild oregano, raw garlic, raw onion, black seed oil, oil of cumin, cinnamon powder,  raw honey, royal jelly, ashwaghanda, and wild chaga. As well, tree resin extracts, especially those from spruce and pine, would also offer protective powers, especially for bronchial and lung tissues but also for liver health. Why not use such natural medicines to empower health and to create added strength to the immune system?

The medicines of nature are impressive. The fact is they are everywhere a person turns. As well, none of these can cause the slightest degree of liver or organ toxicity. Consider them as gifts from God. They do have their own complexities. Yet, unlike the man-fabricated types these natural medicines will not confuse the body and irritate the tissues, even causing poisoning and cell death. It is not possible for any of the natural medicines mentioned. Don’t even think about it. In fact, these natural complexes greatly aid in internal organ function, including the functional capacities of the kidneys and liver. The individual should search and find the highest quality of these supplements and foods and, at least, take them preventively.

Medical treatment of this disease is a nightmare. In dealing with this condition no drugs should be given. Treatment focus must be switched to natural medicine therapy immediately. There is no other way to resolve this pandemic.


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