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Monsanto Herbicides found to poison common breakfast cereals and granola bars
Glyphosate Found In Breakfast Cereal A new report by the Environmental Working Group has provided yet another reason to ditch your oat based granola snacks and cereals in favor of healthier alternatives. It turns out the cancer-causing herbicide glyphosate, also known as Roundup, was found in a wide range... Read more
Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally – Are Mountain Spices the Key?
Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally- Are Mountain Spices the Key? It was discovered long ago and as quoted in the Cure is in the Cupboard that there are a number of aspects of wild oregano and other Mediterranean spices which are novel and which go well beyond the established uses. Yes,... Read more
How To Naturally Support Health – Cold & Flu
How To Naturally Support Health – Cold & Flu Natural treatment for cold and flu is ideal, since there are no key drugs for these conditions: especially their are no medical agents which kill and purge these viruses. TamiFlu is largely ineffective and does nothing to eradicate these conditions.... Read more

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