Take this Test to See How Powerful is Your Terrain to Protect You from Contracting Pandemic Germs

May 11, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

How powerful is your body in resisting all assaults, including those from virulent germs? If the body is sufficiently strong, it will immediately recognize invaders and deal with them accordingly, purging them out of the tissues. This is particularly true for those who are conscious and are actively protecting themselves.

Do you have such power? Or, are you worried that you might succumb, because you have been left vulnerable?

Have you not been paying attention to your body’s needs? Right now, a vicious pathogen is scouring the earth. It is nasty and vile. It seeks to kill and destroy. Is your body able to put up a sufficiently powerful resistance, or are you more vulnerable than you would like to admit?

There are things you could do immediately to balance your terrain to, if you will, clean up your act. In other words, there are certain habits that will weaken your system, so pathogens can more readily gain a foothold. The worst is refined sugar. Even a few teaspoonfuls daily, the amount in a couple of cookies, a soda pop, or a doughnut, is sufficient alter tissue status. One issue is to avoid being excessively acidic and tend instead towards alkaline. While such sugar-infested foods provoke acidity in the body, fresh fruit and vegetables, for instance, are alkaline. Plus, high sugar intake leads to fungal overgrowth, and this greatly increases the body’s vulnerability to attack. To learn more about fungal overload see the other posts on this site.

Let’s evaluate your potential risk for acidity and the associated internal corruption. Add up the total points, each question being worth 1. If you consume any of these excessively, give yourself 2 points. If it is super-excessively, make it 3 points. If it is crazy excessive, for instance, like smoking two or three packs of cigarettes per day, 4 or 5 beers, five glasses of wine, or 6 soda pops, mark it 5 points.

Do you consume any of the following on a regular basis, this meaning at least weekly?

  •  refined sugar (this is the worst terrain-corrupter)
  •  refined sugar- or corn sweetener-based drinks, like soda pop and energy drinks
  •  red or white wine
  •  beer
  •  hard liquor
  •  cigarettes or cigars
  •  chewing tobacco
  •  coffee
  •  deep fried foods
  •  preserved, smoked, and nitrated meat
  •  pork, including bacon and ham
  •  commercial chicken
  •  commercial beef (feedlot-source)
  •  corn products, including corn and tortilla chips but also tacos
  •  canola oil
  •  foods contain soy
  •  commercial milk products (from cows likely fed GMOs)
  •  commercial eggs (from chickens likely fed GMOs)
  •  white flour and white rice

There are more, but these are the major ones. The writer scored, perhaps, a half-point, if that. A score of under five is not highly significant, but five to 10 is worrisome. That’s time to pay serious attention. From 11 to 20 is highly significant and implies a major vulnerability. Anyone who scores from 21 to 29 is at a super-significant risk, while those who score 30 and above have their lives at risk. At these higher levels is created the environment that allows infestation. The body is so acidic that the infestation may flourish to the point of fully overcoming the individual, and the immune system is incapable of resisting it. Now, ask yourself. Did all these bad influences result in the onset of COVID-19?

GMOs add to the burden, stealthily destroying immune function. The government seems to focus on mandating masks and social distancing. Yet, it will never warn against their consumption, despite the fact the GMOs are among the most immunosuppressive agents known. For those who are unware the major genetically altered foods are canola, corn, soy, beet sugar, and cottonseed. It is also the meat, eggs, and milk products derived from animals fed these sources. These are found in the majority of food bought in supermarkets today.

With these higher levels, actually, anything above six, there is another risk factor. This is gross nutritional deficiency. This is a lack of truly whole food sources of the key anti-infestation nutrients, vitamins C, A, and D plus the minerals zinc and selenium. Sugar, alcohol, and tobacco aggressively destroy these nutrients, refined sugar being the most obnoxious of all.

For those who scored poorly it is time to take heed. Actually, it is time to make some serious changes. It makes no sense to continue on in this way, especially in the face of this outbreak. People’s body’s are being attacked. They are defenseless, especially if their bodies are out of balance.

We should add a significant factor to this score: the flu vaccine. If you have had this, add 5 points. If you gotten one three to five times, add 7 points. For those who have gotten more than six such shots, particularly in progression, add 10 points. This is clear from the fact that in some states half of all victims are nursing home residents, the group most heavily vaccinated with this injection.

This is no joke. If you are vulnerable, as described, you could be stricken.

What about pharmaceutical drugs? For those are taking them regularly, surely this is a major factor. These clearly corrupt the internal milieu. Let us dive deeper. For those who take daily one to three drugs, add 4 points. With four to seven drugs add 6 points, and for more than this add 8 points. Add still another 3 points if one of these drugs regularly consumed is a steroid. Add 3 more if any medications are chemotherapy agents.

The degree of score will determine the vulnerability, because it is absolute. At a count of 20 or more the terrain will be thoroughly corrupted. No one can stay healthy here. Disease processes will find a ready environment. It can only be imagined what is happening with a person scoring 30 or more. The body, the immune system, is already busy dealing with the inevitable consequences, which include germ overload and also GMO toxicity. Keep the burdens to the minimum. Because, otherwise, how is it to withstand the onslaught of a novel infection which has never before stricken the human race?

Take this to heart. Make the necessary changes. Reduce your risk. In particular, cut out all that acidic, destructive refined sugar: the fungus-feeder. Be empowered. Take this as a wakeup call to be good to your body. By this, you will do good for all others.

Don’t be shy. Admit it. If you can, anonymously post your results on this site. If you scored over 30, you will immediately need to change your whole approach.