The Horror of Ticks – 10 Facts You Must Know

The goal, here, is to prevent as many tick-borne diseases as possible. This is perhaps the most dire and greatest pandemic humankind has ever seen. Let us work together to prevent tick-induced diseases and also to provide the appropriate remedies: for those who are suffering and are in great need.
Warning: many images are graphic, yet this video demonstrates the great danger before us, the danger of being bitten by ticks and contracting tick-borne illness.

All that is possible must be done to prevent tick bites, not just in America but globally. Are tick repellents the answer. According to the videographer:
Yet, after using Herbal Tick-X that is precisely what the ticks do: they go ‘in reverse,’ walking back down the body, attempting to evade the anti-tick spray. A tick backing off from attempting to attach to a person? Who has ever seen this happen?
The videographer gives sound advice about wearing the right clothes. The flap is interesting, that the ticks could collect under it. This flap could be sprayed, along with the shoes, socks, and legs, with the Tick-X.
Once again, “ticks are driven by an upward orientation” and always “ascend.” However, what happened when a line of demarcation was sprayed of this high-powered natural tick repellent – the “driven upwards” propensity was reversed:
Stay tick free. Take the appropriate precautions, for you, your loved ones, your animals, and more. Use Herbal Tick-X to drive these highly dangerous arthropods away. Also, use it to kill them, if they are attached.
Moreover, what the animals in the video have gone through is horrid. Yet, through the use of naturally based repellents perhaps much of this horror can be prevented.