The Medical Poisoning of President Donald Trump

Cass Ingram

October 4, 2020, updated, Oct. 4, 12:30 CST; 7:30 CST, again, Oct 5, 9:30 am

Make no mistake once a person is brought into the clutches of modern medicine with a COVID-19 diagnosis it is often a doomsday scenario. This is precisely what is happening with President Donald Trump. His circumstances are beyond his control. ‘I am getting better, I think,’ he reportedly said.

It shouldn’t be this way. He is either getting better or not. If he was talking truly God-given, natural medicines with antiseptic and antiviral actions, there wouldn’t be any issue. What a shame. The fact is he wouldn’t be in doubt. The results would be highly positive, and he would begin to notice the difference virtually immediately and experience the stepwise progression to wellness.

Yet, he is not experiencing such dramatics. In experimentation with man-made agents there is nothing godly or natural about it. Perhaps, though unaware, he is being poisoned by “medicine’s empty bag of noxious nostrums,” notes national talkshow host Bob Martin, D.C., which would disrupt the physiology of any human, perfectly healthy or not.

What is being done to the President? Right away, he received oxygen, purportedly on the basis that he suffered difficulty breathing. It itself is caustic and actually aids in oxidizing the tissues. Upon hospitalization they did not act conservatively. Over 99% of all people survive without draconian intervention. Instead, he was given a “drug cocktail” consisting of a strong antibiotic combined with the antiviral drug Remdesivir, the latter being given IV.

While still at the White House a different experimental drug was administered, which was a lab-made antibody-based blood product, also given by infusion. In the short-term this may have been ‘positive,’ but it could just be a coincidence.

These drugs are essentially impotent, but worse yet is the fact that they are experimental. Is medicine so impotent that this is all it can do, that is take chances with the life of the highest officer in the land?

Why do so? Why take all these risks? A far safer approach could be taken. The fact is the federal government already knows what to do. It did the testing. The FDA, CDC, and USDA are fully aware of what would work, while not being experimental and never putting the President’s life at risk. This is the oil of wild oregano, the natural type from the wild plant growing in the mountains of the Mediterranean.

Will any government agents intercede and inform the President’s medical team, dispensing for his sake this immensely powerful natural medicine? Even if they do so secretly it would be a positive thing. This is impossible. Even if he was dying no one will do so. There is too much at risk, especially the entire pharmaceutical cartel, multi-billions of dollars in vested interests. Better to let him die than to even consider giving him potent natural medicines that would eradicate this disease syndrome.

If he gets well, it will be largely on his own: his immune system and resistance kicking in. If he fails to survive, and this is a possibility, it will be a complication of the potentially noxious, experimental approach that is so embedded within the medical system.

How could he dramatically get well? Under these circumstances it would be a miracle. Yet, if he would have followed the entirely natural approach, he likely would have never gotten this sick or at least the sickness would not have been as severe.

The litany of drugs he is being given that will disturb his recovering capacity is surely extensive. He is, as well, a taker of statins. Surely, the President is being given fever-reducing drugs, like Tylenol, which further suppress immunity. Then, there is the horrifically disruptive hospital diet. Are they going to put him on his stomach so that with his obesity he will suffocate to death? How could he get well with all these odds stacked against him? The fact is no one should sleep on the stomach and through this, disrupt the breathing mechanism.

Yet, with the natural spice oil medicines this would be reversed. The odds would be immensely in his favor. There is no possibility of side effects, not even remotely so. Nothing experimental will be used, and thus there are no risks. Even topically, the wild oregano oil works vigorously—they could rub his feet and shins with this while still administering the ‘experiments.’

Even if the medical staff was too concerned to give him the oil or capsules thereof internally (but they must be sure it is exclusively wild oregano and not the false kind that is farm-raised which says “standardized” on the label), it could be sprayed in the air and over his body. This is especially the type with oil of clove bud and bay leaf. This would still be effective, just to absorb and inhale it.

Medicine is experimentally administering potentially filth-containing blood products, that is the antibody solution. Why not give anti-filth natural medicines, like oil of wild oregano, multiple spice oil and highly potent capsules, and wild oregano oil-based misting spray? Why not do all that is possible with the addition of wild, natural medicines, especially since they could never do the ruler of the land the slightest bit of harm and, rather, could only aid in his recovery?

In contrast to modern-day, engineered drugs or vaccines to kill viruses and other pathogens oil of wild oregano is never an experiment. It has been, in fact, relied upon to do so for thousands of years. God almighty made it for this purpose. Let us not deny Him in that infinite wisdom. Without applying that all-knowing intelligence, the President could become severely or chronically ill. Even a tablespoon of the Qur’anic remedy, raw honey, taken several times daily would have helped ease this, as would have stout garlic and onion broth. It is not to be so at all. For its own nefarious plots and vested interests pharmaceutical medicine has obstructed this and will only allow the drugs and therapies of its domain.

In addition, like many other high-powered individuals he is on a multitude of drugs, including proton-pump inhibitors and long-term antibiotic usage. This will create chronic fungal infection, which will destabilize the immune system. His weight problem is likely the result of candida or other fungal overload, and thus he has become carbohydrate intolerant. It is another reason his pursuit of the spice oil medicines, with the oregano oil fully capable of destroying candida.

Let it be stated categorically that all the people suffering in this pocket outbreak would be aided by the wild oregano oil and similar natural medicines, and they would do so virtually immediately. The FDA utilized taxpayer money to prove wild oregano oil to be a fraud, as it was threatening pharmaceutical interests. In the end, as published in the Journal of Food Protection, it ended up endorsing it, saying it should be turned into a drug. The USDA has patented a type of wild oregano oil with cinnamon oil for food processing. It procured its initial batch of the oil from this author.

So, what is everyone waiting for? Give the President oil of wild oregano, rub his feet and shins, and mist both him and his room with an essential oil-based spray. Just make sure it is 100% wild for which there are several makers.

With COVID-19 no further poisons that disrupt the immune system should be administered. He would have been better off to fight this on his own, say plenty of prayers, consume lots of fluids, eat tart citrus, eat raw onions, take as many deep breaths as possible (despite the restriction sensation), and fast from all acidic food. Adding all manner of drugs will only intoxicate him further.

Even so, no matter how he does with the medical approach for this disease syndrome the approach is insufficient. Steroids should never be given in the midst of infection, especially viral attack. Nor should acetaminophen. Nor should wholly experimental antivirals. Nor is human serum is fully safe or sensible approach. It is time to graduate to the truly effective antimicrobial agents, which are the medicine’s of God’s wild nature.

Addendum: the following quotes from a CNN article confirm the premises of this post:

“The panel (at the NIH) recommends against using dexamethasone for the treatment of COVID-19 in patients who do not require supplemental oxygen,” the NIH guidelines read.

In the study on dexamethasone, which was conducted in Britain, about 23% of patients who got dexamethasone died, compared to about 26% of those who did not.

A 3% difference at best. It is ludicrous. Thankfully, he has been released to quarantine, but he doesn’t appear to be strong and vital. He is flushed, partly a result of drug-induced fungal infection. If he took the truly wild oregano oil, all would be fine.