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There are numerous questions about just what is the supplement described as multiple spice extract or multiple spice oil extract. The multiple spice extract of concern today is a combination of oils of wild oregano and sage plus cumin and cinnamon oils. These are the oils found at Georgetown University to be the most potent broad-spectrum germicides known. All germs against which these oils were tested were obliterated.

Trending online is a study done in 2004 by M. Khaled Ijaz, DVM, where he tested spice oil formulas, as found in health food stores, on potentially epidemic germs. Here, it was discovered, the human coronavirus and also influenza A, were highly vulnerable to these natural spice oil formulas. In fact, the multiple spice extract in particular obliterated the germs. While this was in-vitro work it was still significant. See my YouTube videos for more information.

Of note, the oregano used is the high-mountain wild spice. Beware of cheap imitations made from farm-raised or cloned biotypes.

The wild oregano extract can be dependably relied upon. This is not to claim any treatment for human actual diseases but is simply to inform of the actual research, which was performed and published in abstract form in 2004. This was published in Antiviral Research and represents compelling conclusions about the powers of spice oils in the support of human health. In particular, the synergy of the various components of multiple spice extract is highly significant and represents a novel breakthrough for the support of human health.

This complex of oils, found in drops and also as capsules, has been taken by people for some two decades for supporting the health of the immune system. As well, an increase in these spices in the diet as positively on immunity.

The encapsulated form is based on a special technology where the spice oils are concentrated at an extreme potency. It is not just the spices themselves ground up and put in a capsule. That would not work for the power that is needed to support human health. That is it is not possible to expect the same powers from merely commercial spices, whether in cooking or capsules. Even so, the intake of these spices would be beneficial to immune support. Yet, let it be known, if a person desires ultimate protection it is essential to consume the researched formula, the one shown in the in-vitro trial to clearly destroy the viruses.

It is all about prevention. People do so by hygiene, that is washing the hands and cleaning surfaces. They should do so by consuming health-giving, natural complexes internally. Yet, the supplements typically consumed, like vitamin C, garlic, echinacea, elderberry, and even colloidal silver, are impotent compared to, for instance, oil of wild oregano and multiple spice extract.

In still other studies oils of oregano, cumin, and cinnamon have been found to be viricidal. For instance, oregano oil has proven its powers against the norovirus and also herpetic pathogens, while cumin oil’s components are active against herpes viruses and coxsackie viruses. In a variety of studies cinnamon oil has been shown to reduce viral counts. In fact, the same is true of a number of other essential oils.

Vaporizing these oils in the air can also prove protective. No one should deny the world the powers of spice oils, as they may well act to save lives. Plus, since their source is merely food they can be taken internally.

Yet, for those who are concerned it is simple. There is a ‘kit’ that can be utilized for protection. This includes oil of wild oregano, ideally in a super-strength concentration, the highly potent multiple spice extract, and a wild oregano-bay leaf aromatic spray, pre-made, that can be used to cleanse both airs and surfaces. This makes the ideal protection kit, ideal for travelers and more. For those who wear masks there is also the benefit of adding the oil, a few drops at a time. Also, it can be misted with the spray, as aggressively as desired.

In one preliminary evaluation from New York a naturopathic doctor found that the wild oregano oil in a mask reduced pathogen counts by an impressive 73%. It is, essentially, natural fumigation. It gives an individual that assurance that all that is possible can be done to maintain the natural powers of the immune system, to keep the body healthy, and to avoid as much as possible the onset of communicable diseases. Regardless, there is nothing else available. This is why this information is so valuable. Freely, the world must know about the medicines of nature. God made them for us. Let us take advantage of them. The king of all is wild oregano oil, while the synergy of multiple spice extract offers for respiratory support even additional powers.

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