Top Ten Natural Foods for Protection Against Vaccine Shedding

Top Ten Natural Foods for Protection Against Vaccine Shedding

Cass Ingram

May 1, 2021, updated and corrected, 10:00 CST

Can vaccines be detoxified, especially the synthetic types, the GMO-corrupted? No doubt, the power of natural remedies is immense. These natural therapies must always be considered even for fighting against human-made poisons. The current vaccines, the various transgenic agents produced by the likes of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, while also in Europe, AstraZeneca, are creating great toxicity. At least 7000 deaths have been officially reported, which is highly significant. The number of permanently injured or wounded is at least 150,000, which is conservative.

Yet, then, there are increasing degrees of danger from those who have been heavily vaccinated. This is true in both those who have gotten the shots and the unvaccinated. Even so, these are not an actual vaccines but are, rather, gene-modifying. semi-synthetic injections. Never undergoing animal trials these shots are dangerously speculative. No human should ever take them, but they are doing so by the hundreds of millions. For instance, untold millions of Americans have gotten the shots, and the nation is just now realizing the consequences.

The ongoing nurse’s study has shown the powers of certain natural medicines. Oregano, cumin, sage, clove bud, and cinnamon have all proven effective at blocking the toxicity of the vaccine, even the second shot.

Especially, for COVID-19 injection shedding there is such a great degree of danger that an action approach is required. This is not difficult, as the effective remedies are foods and food supplements that are commonly available. Many of these foods are found described in the previously published book by the same author, Foods that Cure. Otherwise, further information can be found in various posts on There is excessive fear, while to counter this knowledge is power, and food is medicine.

For many, here is the surprising part. Food, not nutritional or nutraceutical supplements, is the secret to this. In other words, a person will not achieve significant protection through, for instance, vitamin C, quercetin, vitamin D3, B complex, or other man-made agents.

The administration of any vaccine leads to shedding. The transgenic mRNA or fake DNA (that is Johnson & Johnson) leads to the spewing out of transgenic matter made to penetrate human cells. People are not going to get around this. Everyone will suffer mRNA and synthetic DNA contamination. The only solution is to destroy it. This is through the action of corrosive agents, notably foods with major biting power. The hotter and acrider the better is the food as the aggressor or natural antidote. The purpose is to cause the natural medicines to destroy foreign protein and bizarre genetic material. It is also to dissolve the nanotech material and dissolve all artificially-coated lipid matter such as the acclaimed liposomes and/or polyethylene glycol coatings. To dissolve and to obliterate—that is the objective. The vulnerable human needs something tough, and they are clearly in nature. What is seemingly harsher to the taste buds and also the stomach than rare garlic, onion, and oregano? God made it that way for a reason.

So, what are these great powers of nature, and how can we utilize them? They are known as escharotic agents, which is “protein-eating” and actually means to burn or dissolve. Yet, they don’t cause much harm if any to human cells. Otherwise, we’d all be dead.

The shot is catastrophic and has largely corrupted the human race. In a single act great pharmaceutical powers and their collaborators have caused a greater degree of human damage than has possibly occurred in centuries of medical intervention. Crucially, though, there are those that resisted it, knowing that it’s use is based upon a fraud. However, through the out-gassing from the shot-taking public these resisters of this tyranny are now at risk of contracting these noxious agents. Staying away from the world is impractical; husbands and wives have chosen opposite directions, the same being  true of parents and siblings.  There are now divorces over this. Thus, the only possible course of action is to attempt to neutralize the deadly synthetics through antidotes, described as follows:


Most people can’t handle eating raw garlic. Plus, crushed, raw garlic or its juice, that would be impossible. While it has a harsh odor on the body, it is definitely one of God’s great protein-eating herbs. It specializes in killing foreign matter such as worms and noxious bacteria and, of course, mRNA toxins. About two or three raw cloves of garlic should do the job. Yet, a heavy load of worms or exposure to mRNA may necessitate larger amounts, like six or more cloves a day. Cooking neutralizes much of this foreign protein-killing power. Yet, any form of this herb is somewhat protective, whether cooked, the salt, or the powder. Garlic contains sulfhydral groups, which bind to and detoxify noxious proteins and heavy metals.


An allium family cousin to garlic, onion has much of the same properties. It, too, eats away at foreign matter, and being rich in sulfur compounds helps bind to harmful protein molecules, so they can be detoxified. Raw onion may be the choice for the socially conscious, as it is less smelly than garlic. Its acridness is a profound aid to the fight against any epidemic disease. Onion is a top source of  quercetin in a biological form, which is highly regarded as an anti-COVID therapy. The quercetin content is highest in red onions and is most rich in sprouted onion powder. Onion and garlic powder, in general. are found in crude wild oregano capsules with Rhus coriaria.

A strong spice, cumin seed and especially its oil are strong agents against foreign protein, especially dangerous bacteria and molds. In all its forms it is an essential natural medicine against man-made injection toxicity. The spice can be added to all soups and stir-fry, while the oil in an olive oil base can be purchased separately. It is also a key component in a number of multiple spice oil supplements, capsules which contain oil of wild oregano among other spice oils.

Wild oregano

Of all agents for destroying man-made GMO-based poisons wild oregano is the king. It is also the premier substance for neutralizing foreign, obnoxious, and dangerous proteins,. occluding those contracted from vaccinations. In particular, the oil is highly aggressive against all that is foreign, as if it is designed to protect the human body from all dangers. This is particularly true of vaccine-related toxins. For instance, the spike protein, coded for in the current mRNA shots, is rapidly decimated by wild oregano oil. Other potent oregano oil-based supplements include the sinus-oregano oil-saline spray, the multisource oil capsules, and the bay leaf oil-wild oregano oil beeswax emulsion. It is also available as a powder for sprinkling on food with Rhus coriaria and also as the crude herb in capsule form. In all its forms wild oregano acts as a detoxification agent, greatly aiding liver function while also cleansing the intestines. The herb is also exceedingly high in nutrients, especially magnesium, niacin, and vitamin K. Of note, wild oregano is listed as the cleansing herb of the law in biblical lore.

Wild sage

An herb with a multiplicity of benefits wild sage is known to be a nutrient-rich complex with high amounts of calcium and vitamin K. Loaded with antioxidants it aids in the cleansing of any foreign toxin and is an effective natural medicine for lung, brain, and oral health. It is also a key agent to protect the female organ system from hormonal disturbances, which is a definite arena of toxicity from mRNA exposure. The key with sage is to be sure it is wild from a Mediterranean high-mountain source and not farm-raised. It is available in multiple spice oil formulas and separately as a hydrosol essence and also the oil in extra virgin olive oil.

Papaya and its seeds

When there is aberrant matter in the body the need for digestive or proteolytic enzymes is tantamount. This up the value of this fruit, rich in the enzyme papain. The fresh flesh should be consumed, as should be the seeds. The flesh can be consumed directly or cut up and put on salads. The seeds can made into a peppery salad dressing by bleeding them with olive oil and vinegar.


This is also caustic to unnatural protein, especially the oil. However, any form of this spice is protective, including the commercial powder. The best quality spice is from Ceylon and is available as powder or capsules, occasionally as sticks. Otherwise, most cinnamon is actually cassia, which is a Chinese species. Both offer strong cleansing powers against foreign matter.

Clove bud

Use this eugenol-rich spice as either the whole, unprocessed bud oil in an extra virgin olive oil base or as the whole flower buds. It is also available as a bulk powder. Clove bud has the powder to dissolve foreign matter, much like oregano and cinnamon. It is also a potent agent against fatty invaders, like propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, and liposomes.

Wild bay leaf

Studies at Georgetown University show that wild bay leaf oil, also derived from the mountain-grown spice, is one of the most potent germ-killing oils known. It is found as the dried leaf and also as a separate oil in extra virgin olive oil. Wild bay leaf oil is a key component of the beeswax wild oregano oil emulsion and also the wild oregano oil-based antiseptic throat and room spray.

Raw lemon and the rind

For most people it is almost impossible to consume a raw lemon, especially with the rind. To suck on one takes some great strength. People should consume this cleansing and antiseptic citrus fruit on a regular, ideally, daily basis. Add it to all beverages and smoothies. Juice it, rind and all, using only organic fruit sources for this purpose. Rather than man-made supplements it is these which must be the focus. With their burning powers they will protect us against vaccine-shedding dangers. Commercially-available supplements, including vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin D, can’t compare.

Disclosure: the author takes no paycheck or stocks for the recommendation of the mentioned foods or spices but for the book only.