Two Drops Twice A Day on Feet and Shins of Oil of Wild Oregano and Man Comes Off Respirator, Survives

C. Ingram, D.O.

May 02, 2020, 3:00 CST

How is it that a man in the most compromised state possible, who was on a respirator, could have his pathology reversed with merely a few drops of oil of wild oregano on his feet and shins? He was told he would likely die, virtually certainly. Most people do, perhaps as high as 80%.

Was it COVD-19? No one can be certain, but it is highly plausible, as this did happen during the timeline of the disease outbreak, January through February, 2020. The symptoms also were highly coincident with the Covid-19 diagnosis, including the severe weakness, confusion, and fever.

His definitive diagnosis was influenza and “pneumonia.” However, co-infection with coronavirus was likely, with pneumonia being a definitive sign. Plus, at that time in Washington State no one was doing testing for this disease. What is certain is that the man, an asthmatic with compromised respiratory health, is, now, alive and well.

Certainly, wild oregano is a potent germicide. It is also a highly powerful antiviral agent. The fact is it dissolves viruses on contact. In this regard it proves invaluable in seasonal infections such as colds and flu. The same is true of pandemic coronavirus infections. It is one of the few substance complexes available that can do the untenable, which is to greatly reduce the viral load.

Yet, is this the full mechanism? There must be additional explanations regarding how it could have saved this man from virtual certain death.

This may have to do with the cytokines. In a study by Cheng and his group oregano oil was tested against a model of inflammation. Here, mouse white blood cells, known as macrophages, were treated to induce inflammation. The results showed that the oil blocked the gene response that leads to the inflammatory reaction and the over-production of key markers associated with the cytokine response, including interleukins and tumor necrosis factor alpha. It simply alters the pathway so the immune system is unable to hyper-react.

So, it offers both mechanisms, the direct attack against viruses and also the power to shut down the cytokine reaction.

Let us look at the case history in details in the man’s own words, address and name removed for privacy:

April 13th, 2020

Dear Dr. Cass Ingram:

(Initials of the following changed to protect privacy of the source)

This is Mr. A.A. I am neighbors with K.H., owner of (a certain health food store in Washington State).  I am neighbors with (the owner). She gave me some (super-strength oil of wild oregano, brand-name removed) to use in the hospital after she learned how sick I was, and later asked if I would send you a timeline to show you how everything went down and how God and Oregano helped heal me.

Note: the following is his exact description:

Timeline (all times in January-February 2020)

  • 1-6 Woke up with the flu, felt hot
  • 1-7 Felt super cold all day
  • 1-8 Felt Hot all day
  • 1-9,10,11 Felt fatigued
  • 1-12 Called 911 Super weak, sweating, lethargic, dehydrated and confused
  • Tested positive for the flu and pneumonia, doctors put me on oxygen and gave me a central line in neck for blood pressure meds
  • 1-17 oxygen 20%, pushing to intubate 100% oxygen
  • 1-18 80% oxygen, sat up for a little while
  • 1-20 from liquid to soft diet, sat up numbers looked good
  • 1-23 Intubated – induced coma
  • 1-24 RotoProne bed- paralyzing drugs (electrode patch above eyebrow – if movement more drugs), Artline for blood test, A.R.D.S.- first time hearing this, also told he might not make it.
  • 1-24 Prayer meeting at home church
  • 1-25 oxygen 70%
  • 1-26 infection in lungs x-rays show mostly white
  • 1-27 lungs look a little better oxygen 50%
  • 1-28 moved to ICU bed – x-rays the same – put in pick-line
  • 1-29 started taking paralyzing meds down to wake him up, eyes flicker when asked to open them
  • 1-30 communicating by squeezing hands and moving feet
  • 1-31 communication still difficult – still Intubated
  • 2-1 New infection in lungs from tube, if doesn’t clear up they will get a tracheotomy
  • 2-1 started using (super-strength concentration of oil of wild oregano, brand-name removed), two drops twice a day on feet and calves
  • 2-2 Sat up watched Superbowl with Dad, respiratory Dr. check says lungs are improving
  • 2-3 1st breathing test – passed
  • 2-4 2nd breathing test – failed
  • 2-4 3rd breathing test – passed! Gets breathing tubes out. Starts talking up a storm,  respiratory Dr. check up lungs are sounding much better
  • 2-5 physical therapy
  • 2-7 walked around bed with oxygen 60%, respiratory Dr. am check up loves the improvement would like to see me off oxygen in the next couple day
  • 2-9 walked full length of hall and moved out of ICU, oxygen 70%
  • 2-10 SENT HOME! With oxygen tank
  • 2-11 started taking (multiple spice oil capsules with wild oregano, cumin, sage, and cinnamon, brand-name removed) – two pills twice a day, sinus spray with saline and oregano plus bay leaf – four or five times a day, and (enzyme caps, brand-name removed), two pills at night, along with (wild oregano oil), four drops on feet per day
  • 2-13 1st Doctor’s visit – Doctor thinks hospital should have kept me longer, he said I looked weak and not well, blood test shows anemic, x-ray shows lungs still not fully recovered, still on oxygen 75%
  • 2-26 sent for an Echo, enlarged heart
  • 2-27 doctor’s visit – given heart meds, still on oxygen 80%, says he sees huge improvement starting to look healthy
  • 2-28 oxygen 85%, started taking Raw Black Seed Oil with pomegranate and muscadine, one teaspoon daily, also added six drops of (super-strength oil of wild oregano) orally
  • 2-29 oxygen 95%, took self off oxygen
  • 3-5 nurses visit – to check blood pressure, BPM still high upped one med
  • 3-12 Doctors visit – says BPM still high upped meds again, still anemic not sure why
  • 4-1 woke up with sciatic nerve issues rubbed six drops of (wild oregano oil super-strength) on lower back and six on leg able to move a little
  • 4-2 sciatic nerve still bothering me six drops lower back and leg
  • 4-3 doctors visit – BPM still high changed dosage on other heart med, sciatic nerve still bothering me able to walk into doctors office, blood test back no longer anemic
  • 4-5 able to walk around pain minable
  • 4-7 Gave (wild oregano oil, Mediterranean-source, brand-name removed)  to friend who works at grocery store

This whole experience has been wild. I don’t remember most of the horrible stuff (that happened), but I do remember doctors, nurses,  nurses aids, cleaning people, anyone and everyone who saw me at my worst come back to visit me in ICU to see how far I had come. There were even cheers as I was wheeled out of the ICU.


Mr. A was extubated as a result of the tremendous improvement, strictly because of the oil of wild oregano in a super-strength dose. It was an impressive result considering the minimal dosage given, considering, too, it was mainly topical application that produced these miraculous results. Yet, there is another dominant consideration. Intubation in such diseases with placement on a respiratory has a death rate of up to 90%. Mr. A.A.’s survival is a high testimony to the powers of the greatest source, this mighty God of the universe.


Cheng, C., et al. 2018. Oregano Essential Oil Attenuates RAW264.7 Cells from Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammatory Response through Regulating NADPH Oxidase Activation-Driven Oxidative Stress. Molecules. Jul. 20.