Utah’s Low Incidence of Coronavirus Infection Has Everything to Do With Essential Oils and Little to Do with Masks and Social Distancing

Note: Oklahoma has also scored well, natural antiseptic oil intake plays a role here as well

May 25, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

In ancient times people used to anoint themselves with essential oils. It wasn’t for ceremonial reasons. “Anoint” derives from ointment, which implies this was relied upon strictly a medicine. This was, in fact, to protect the people from plagues, which were rampant in those eras.

Not for merely biblical reasons in Utah essential oils are highly popular. doTERRA is there, as is Young Living, two of the biggest purveyors in the market. Other local entities include ZEVA and Purify Skin Therapy. Importantly, through heavy media performances and grass-roots activity another major entity is North American Herb & Spice, maker of oil of wild oregano. This is the type of oregano oil that is edible and is also safe for daily use. Exceptionally popular in the state, it seems that most of the people on the street know about it or take it.

Other forms include an oregano-clove bud-bay leaf oil sinus spray and aromatic mist. Other essential oil companies provide similar mists and sanitizers. Because of these companies the use of essential oils is in virtual hyper-drive. Yet, it is likely the ingestion of such oils, notably through the wild oil of oregano and similar spice oil-based products, that such an obvious downward trend resulted.

The oils are relied upon for aromatherapy and topical application. With oregano oil the primary exposure is through ingestion. Heavily promoted through grass roots efforts and radio shows thousands of Utahn’s are currently consuming it.

The exceedingly low rate of fatalities must be carefully assessed . The death rate currently stands at less than 100, that is 97 at the time of this writing. Over 40% have occurred in nursing homes.

There are nearly 3.2 million people in this state. So, what is the percentage of deaths? It is an incredibly .oooo3%. Deaths of non-nursing home cases amounts to .oooo1%. This is over a period of nearly four months.

Something significant is going on. Nevada has about the same population but nearly four-times the deaths. Connecticut’s population is 3.6 million. However, deaths, here amount to 3700. This is an incredible 37 times higher than the Utah figure, while surely population density is a key factor. Colorado, though, has a similar environment as Utah in that much of the country is spread out with small townships at best. Yet, despite this, it scores a death rate of some 1300, about 13 times the figure in Utah.

Other areas with, in particular, with a high percentage per capita of intake of oil of wild oregano include Oklahoma, Montana, and Nebraska. For the size of their populations all have a relatively low incidence of COVID-19-related deaths for the size of their populations. In Oklahoma there are 4 million residents. With deaths of 311 the percentage is .oooo8. Montana has about one million residents and only 16 deaths. The percentage is, therefore, exceedingly low at .oooo16.

New Mexico has a population of 2.10 million. While, again, well spread-out it registered 317 deaths so far. That amounts to a percentage of .00015.

In Iowa the intake of oregano oil is little known. In the general population only a small percentage use essential oils. It suffers a death rate per capita of .00014. In Maryland, as well, per capita essential oils are less popular than the other mentioned states. Certainly, the intake of the highly medicinal and germicidal wild oregano oil is comparatively little known. With a population of 6 million it suffers a death rate from this disease of some .ooo46. Nearly 40% of these occurred in long-term care facilities.

Yet, what really needs to be looked at is the deaths in each case occurring outside the nursing homes and long-term care facilities. No one has access to the residents to administer natural plant oils or to diffuse them, to rub them on, to see to their ingestion. In Oklahoma some 150 of the deaths, or about half, were in nursing home facilities. This means the adjusted fatality count is a mere 16o or so. The percentage of the population is .oooo4, nearly as low as Utah’s.

This is a major issue. There is no way to achieve immune support for nursing home residents, and it is the major arena for this outbreak. For instance, in New Hampshire 72% of deaths have been nursing home residents.

The point is areas where the general public has the lowest death rate from this disease are also where the use of antiseptic plant oils are high. Utah has perhaps the lowest percentage of deaths of all. It’s spread out, yes, but so are other states were are not fairing as well. It can’t be a coincidence that this is the land of essential oil therapy. More needs to be done to analyze this. Yet, there is definitely an obvious trend with the heaviest use states clearly benefitting in a reduction in death load.

Wild oregano oil, in particular, interrupts viral transmission. It does so more effectively than a mask. While the latter may hold and transmit germs, clearly, wild oregano oil serves the opposite function which is to categorically destroy them. For those who are unfamiliar it can be looked-up on PubMed. The data is beyond compelling.

It’s regular intake will reduce the death rate, while other essential oils will act to decontaminate the air and surfaces. The greater is the use of essential oils and spice oil medicines the greater will the reduction in the incidence of and spread of this disease. This is a boon for humankind, which suffers little hope for a solid resolution of this otherwise.

Top antiseptic oils to consider besides oil of wild oregano (make sure it is wild and not farm-raised; if it just says Oregano oil it is likely farmed) include cinnamon, clove bud, lemongrass, sage, cumin, and bay leaf oils. If any oils are truly wild from mountainous areas, all the better, that is for the reliable power that is needed to be reliably germicidal.

Both Utah and Oklahoma are largely open for business. The world can thank the natural plant oil therapy for that, far more so than any draconian dictates mandated by government officials.