To Protect Your Life and Health Vaccine Sepsis is the Issue, Not Wearing Masks and Social Distancing

Dog Kidney Cells, Monkey Pus, and Human Fetal Tissue, True Sources of Global Contamination

May 17, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O.

We really shouldn’t worry about the supposedly new and surely over-reaching rules of social interactions, wearing masks, washing the hands endless times, and standing six-feet apart from all others. This is being ‘mandated,’ while countless hostile ones plan to inject every human being on the face of the earth: and with septic solutions, no less.

We pay no real attention to such toxicity and preeminent danger. Instead, we fret that upon going to a grocery store or restaurant, or anywhere else, some deadly infection will be contracted, as if out of nowhere.

Make no mistake vaccines are noxious, and that should be the focus of concern. This is simply as a result of their nature as sources of foreign material. The body regards all foreign proteins as toxins. The immune system reacts against them, and rightly so, as they can readily overtake and poison it. Moderna’s highly touted, forthcoming coronavirus vaccine is grown on aborted human fetal tissue. It will corrupt the immune systems of all who submit to it. Yet, the inoculations contain something else. This is injectable GMOs. There is real danger here. The focus upon keeping distance between people and donning protective covering while paying no heed to this is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon this human race.

Yet, no one concerns themselves that, even now, germ- and viral RNA-ridden injections are being experimentally inoculated into humans, real sepsis and real danger: to all this human race.

This is no surprise. After all, upon what is the modern medical system based? It endorses the assault upon the body by all things foreign. Freely, it promotes the infusion of chemical warfare-like agents, so-called chemotherapy, into the veins on the basis that somehow this is the standard of care in cancer. The chemicals kill the cancer cells, while also destroying the patient. What about the free use of radiation devices? How could powerful doses of x-irradiation cure anything? Regarding pharmaceutical drugs these are always aberrant, some more noxious than others.

Every year, an unknown number of Americans die from these accepted therapies. It could be as high as three million.

Vaccinations also cause a number of fatalities. This is through poisonous upheavals in the body, known as antibody-antigen reactions. The immune system regards the ingredients of immunizations as highly dangerous toxins and so reacts against them. This includes any foreign proteins, which it clumps into, essentially, high-density globs.

It may not be well-known, but for some 60 years humans have been injected with drugs containing monkey viruses such as simian virus 40 (SV40), which is the most dominating cause of lymphoma. Some 6 of 10 lymphoma samples have this virus within the tissue samples, serving the role of instigating and activating cancer cell activity.

Viruses require living tissue to thrive. Typically, these pathogens are grown in fertilized chicken eggs. The eggs themselves won’t suffice. Drug companies need the vital, growing chicken embryos in order to create the vast numbers of organisms needed to make their concoctions. So, as alternatives they have developed the untenable, cultures of dog kidney cells, insect cells, monkey kidney cells, and human fetal tissue cell lines.

This is highly dangerous. The body will react against these foreign proteins. That’s the immune system’s job, to fight and overcome such assaults.
Regardless, who would willingly allow such protein sources to be injected into the body, let alone their precious children?

How do these entities achieve this? They actually ferment live viruses in stainless steel enclosures. It is a deviously septic process, where, typically, animal blood products and a variety of cell cultures are used to grow the virus. There is no way to know to any degree what contaminants those blood products contain.

Plus, in the thirst for greedy gains the producers rely on recombinant technology. This is in order to create a patented virus but also money-earning cell lines. Then, the creator will gain indefinite royalties for the use of the end-product. The patent for one of the most commonly utilized cell systems is seen here:

Oct 31, 2016
Disclosed is an adapted Madin-Darby canine kidney cell line capable of suspension culture in the absence of serum, and a chemically-defined medium for culture of the adapted MDCK cell line.

It is also noted that these cells-for-purchased are “derived from the kidney of a normal female adult Cocker Spaniel.” No one can even fathom this. By no means would a person ever even consider ingesting Cocker Spaniel kidney material, let alone being injected with it.

Incredibly, also developed according to another patent are canine cells for a “highly pathogenic avian influenza” virus. There is no reason to do so, to manipulate such vile danger, except money-grubbing. The avian influenza patent can be seed as follows:

It starts with the nasty animal cells in this blood serum broth or possibly a synthetic medium. Once sufficient growth is achieved the virus is added. After about three days substantial numbers of these germs are developed so to begin the extraction and ‘purification’ process.

Yet, how purified can it be? According to virologist J. Mikovitz, flu vaccines made with dog tissues are notoriously contaminated, in this case with coronaviruses. This could have much to do with the current pandemic, particularly the high death rate seen in the elderly. If canine-based vaccines were given, this would create a cross-reactivity and ease of infection. Half of all dogs have coronavirus infections.

The connection seems to be confirmed by the Italian crisis. In September 2019 Italy rolled out an entirely new type of influenza vaccine. It contains four types of viruses and is held out to be a super-immunization, all propagated within the dog kidney cells. The inoculation, make by Seqirus, was used to target Italians over 65, the main victims of COVID-19. It is also in extensive use in the USA. Nursing home residents are the primary victims of this disease. It is likely that this vaccine plays a significant role in their vulnerability.

If it is synthetic, it contains a plethora of GMO-tainted proteins and hormones, that is those which are fabricated through recombinant technology. These represent the epitome of foreign proteins. Upon ingestion, as mentioned, these substances may induce violent reactions, which can readily lead to shock reactions and death.

Importantly, the body will not tolerate protein circulating in the system from other animals. With whatever the human immune system possesses it will attack, for instance, any dog or monkey protein. Furthermore, by no means will any foreign human protein be tolerated. No wonder abortion clinics are so prolific. The operators make enormous profits on the captured tissue, which they sell to the drug cartels. Says K. C. McKenna in the Linacre Quarterly, “The utilization of embryonic and fetal cells from elective abortions in the pharmaceutical industry and medical research is commonplace.”

When the body encounters aberrant human protein from fetal or other sources, it has no option but to launch a full-phase assault. In the process a wide range of destructive consequences may result. There could develop inflammatory disorders, like eczema, asthma, and arthritis. There may be wholesale destruction as a result of immune system hyperactivity, as occurs in Type 1 diabetes. Or, the reaction can be so horrific as to cause premature death.

From the fetal tissue remnants cells known as fibroblasts are cultured. The purpose is to grow the viruses within them. Admittedly, components of the MMR, virtually all polio shots, and the hepatitis A vaccine are all developed using the aborted human tissue. Whenever these are injected, the immune system reacts against this. Antibodies are consumed; white blood cells are destroyed. The result is a decline in immunity powers, never an advancement. In such cases the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can more readily run rampant, because people are already weakened by vaccine sepsis. There is another risk: the gradual development of cancer.

Ingram, C. The Cause for Cancer Revealed (Newly titled in new edition, August, 2020, The Vaccine-Cancer Connection.