Wild Oregano is the Most Potent Antiviral Agent for Coronaviruses

C. Ingram

April 9, 2020

By what business is this world shutting down? Why are all people in such a panic? What is the human race doing in quarantine? What is the basis of all this pandemonium? Certainly, there has been much death and despair associated with Covid-19. Yet, the premise here is that it is far more than is necessary. In other words, with the right approach these deaths could be prevented or at least reduced.  Plus, this been made way too complicated.

All that is needed is an effective antiviral agent to treat presenting cases. This will halt the transmission train. Closing borders and shutting down industry is ludicrous. Must we give the pathogen, in this case the so-called SARS-CoV-2, that much power? Once again, all that is needed is an effective antiviral agent. In medicine there are none. Nor are there any such agents on the horizon.

The world has lost out, because there is so limited knowledge about the medicines of nature. No one even appreciates how truly useful, therapeutic, and powerful these natural complexes are. No one seems to give the divine source the true credit, that there are remedies and cures in the plant kingdom for all known diseases.

Make no mistake wild oregano in all its forms is a reliable agent for fighting back against this dreaded infection. Essentially, viruses are no contest against them, proving their feebleness. Of all, it is the oil of oregano that is most potent. However, the many various forms of wild oregano offer a degree of impact, including the whole, unprocessed herb/spice, the hydrosol, known commercially as the juice, and the supercritical or CO2 extract. Furthermore, wild oregano can also be made into a tea.

Yet, this is a sufficiently vicious pathogen such that primarily the most potent, reliable forms must be used. These are the distilled oil and the hydrosol-juice. If all infected people took these, the pandemic could be halted.

The power of the wild oregano can be seen here. There can be no doubt about what is observed:

This is a chart of research published in abstract form in Antiviral Research. The authors, Ijaz and Ingram, studied three potentially deadly pathogens, human coronavirus, influenza A, and avian influenza, the latter being up to 60% fatal. Categorically, the wild oregano oil was effective in all cases. In particular, human coronavirus proved to be a minor player, readily obliterated. This is much ado about nothing. Oregano oil, taken upon contraction of the disease, would prove effective.

The findings prove the wild oregano oil obliterated the virus in live cell culture. Incredibly, it killed some 99.9% of the pathogens by a mere 2 minutes. Let us look at the percentage by 20 minutes. Dividing 150 by 5.5 million gives a number of only .000027%.  This was all that was left of the viruses, demonstrating how weak they were against this natural medicine. The chart’s terminology, Direct Kill Effect is a descriptively correct assessment. It was both direct and immediate. The same will occur in the human body, as this cell culture test is an accurate mimic.

Note: this is not an implication that the current raging coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has been tested, at least not here. There is emerging evidence that it is being tested at another level, privately by the WHO. It was this entity that confirmed recently its anti-coronavirus powers but has yet to release the results. Yet, it does not matter. The research has already been done and the mechanism is the same. Wild oregano oil dissolves viruses, shattering their lipid coating. The type or species is irrelevant relative to  its sophisticated, unmatched powers. Of note, oils of bay leaf, cumin, sage, and cinnamon also do so. As well, so does lauric acid or, rather, the commercial preparation known as monolaurin. The point is there are a number of natural medicines with this capacity. Wild oregano oil is the most researched and confirmed one. With is truly godly energy, growing high in the mountains as it is, handpicked by village communities, nothing can match its therapeutic capacities.

Plus, wild oregano intake is preventive. Daily use of this spice in concentrated and extracted forms, in particular, are dependable prevention against seasonal illness. Ideally, it should be taken for this purpose in three forms: the wild oil in extra virgin olive oil, either in a standard strength or triple strength, the whole, crude herb, ideally complexed with yet another antiviral herb, Rhus coriaria, and the juice-essence, which is the aromatic hydrosol. All can and should be taken on a daily basis. These are more crucial for immune health than even vitamin C  and zinc.

Pandemic viruses are filth diseases. Typically, they are associated with industrial farms, often hog farms. That was the case with H1N1, which, beginning in 2009, went on to kill some 400,000 people. Let us take action against this, once again, filth disease and fight back aggressively. Do not let this vile virus into your body. Take wild oregano in all its key supplemental forms. Increase the amount used in cooking, also cinnamon, sage, and cumin. Yet, it is the extract or concentrate form that offers the ultimately prevention.

Right now, as a protocol, this author is consuming the juice/essence often, several swigs per day and any time there is a tickle in the throat, the oil, also often, as drops under the tongue or in juice/water, and the whole, crude, unprocessed herb, as capsules, simply chewing on the or swallowing them. As additional power there is the wild oregano-bay leaf spray, which can be misted in the air but also all over the body. What an invaluable, and unsurpassed, protective protocol it is. Take advantage of this for perfect health despite this storming, raging pandemic.

Remember, make use of the most clean and pure, that is wild, high-mountain, and tropical spices and their extracts, to fight the most low, wretched, and vile: the coronavirus germs, which are lowly animal, civet rats and perhaps bats, and in many cases pig, in origin. Who needs any such nasties in the body? Fight back hard with wild oregano.

NOTE: in order to spread this as free information no specific product or brand is mentioned here. However, be sure, when purchasing, that the oregano is truly wild and not farm-raised. By implication, farm-raised is cloned and often greenhouse initiated. Carvacrol levels are not naturally but, rather, artificially high or manipulated. While carvacrol is a main active ingredient, in nature it only occurs at certain levels, about 70% to 79%. Rarely, pockets may be found with 84% or 85%. However, any amount above this, like 86% to 95%, can never be found. This is a sign of manipulation and may even indicate the addition of synthetic carvacrol, which is toxic. Do not consume any oregano with a carvacrol level of 86% and above, especially any claiming to be 90% or greater.