Wild Oregano Oil, Bay Leaf Oil, and Clove Bud Oil Spray Destroys COVID-19 in Preliminary Human Clinical Trial of 20 Cases

June 4., 2020, corrected after speaking to the lead researcher about certain minor dosage points, June 23, 2020, again, on July 5, 2020

C. Ingram, D.O. and M. Villasenor, R.N.

Note: for the sake of expediency of demonstrating these findings this is preliminarily being published. It will be updated as soon as possible as more case histories are reviewed. The total experimental case count was corrected to 20 and the percentages adjusted accordingly.

In a preliminary clinical trial involving 20 people a specialized micellized spray containing wild oils of oregano and bay leaf plus clove bud oil was found to be exceedingly effective. In 100% of all cases there was definitive clinical improvement. In many instances all symptoms and signs were eliminated within 72 hours. In others there was noticeable improvement in mere minutes if not immediately. The spray was the preferred type of natural medicine in this evaluation, because it could be sprayed at the back of the throat. This is the first example of any therapeutic agent showing such a high degree of effectiveness in the treatment of this syndrome.

In the study people with positive diagnosis of COVID-19 through throat/nasal swabs were treated with the spray plus in some cases other forms of wild oregano. Added to the trial were those exposed to the pathogen, who while swab-negative still developed the symptoms. The questionnaire included the evaluation of co-morbidity from respiratory syndromes, including asthma, COPD, and emphysema.

It is also suspected that flu shots increase the morbidity and mortality of COVID-19-positive victims, so all participant were questioned about this. Another risk factor appears to be pork consumption. Both flu shots and pork may be cross-contaminated with coronavirus species. Evidence is strong in Northern Italy, where heavily flu vaccinated elderly people readily died. The same is true in the United States, where the primary death zone is nursing homes filled with flu vaccinated individuals. In some cases these individuals receive as many as two shots per year in what is proven here is a disastrous approach.

Other key questions are how soon did the individual begin treatment of the condition after diagnosis or after symptoms began and what exactly was or were the natural medicine(s) consumed.

The number of test positive cases were eight of 20. A total of 5 suffered from asthma, two had allergies, and one from a combination of chronic bronchitis and sinusitis. The number of the cases with some form of respiratory or inhalant allergic disorder was 27%. Of the 20 participants 16 had a history of flu shot injections, a number of them multiple times, including in 2019 and 2020. This is a total of over 80%, a significant finding. For weekly or daily pork, and to a lesser degree monthly, consumption the total was 18, which amounted to over 90% of all participants. This is highly significant, as pork is a major carrier of the coronavirus series of pathogens. It essentially proves that pork flesh acts as a transmitter of the disease.

As well, this clinical survey indicates that far more crucial than the oft-repeated respiratory diseases as co-morbidity factors are pork consumption and flu shot history.

What do pork and vaccines have in common? It is contamination from GMOs. Routinely, pigs are fed GMO-tainted grains. They are also heavily vaccinated with inoculations based upon recombinant technology, which means the GMOs are in the vaccine solutions. This vaccines contain coronaviruses, either utilized purposefully or as contaminants. These viruses survive for unknown periods of time in the flesh and connective tissue, including gelatin, after slaughter.

Regardless, animal vaccines contain typically live viruses and/or their antigens as well as antigenic particles from bacteria and parasites. They are injected into pigs to cause them to be infected with these germs. The presumption is that this will protect the animals by stimulating the immune response, but there is no evidence for this. Most of these shots contain live viruses that will multiply in the pigs, and in some cases kill them, as occurred in 2019 in China. Between the germs naturally occurring in pork flesh and the vaccine contaminants it becomes nothing other than a source of filth. Avoid its consumption like you would avoid the plague.

So, it is likely that this contamination caused the onset of COVID-19 in the study participants or at least played a role, a major one, in disturbing their immune systems. This was so the pathology could set hold. The exposure to the flu vaccine, also containing live viruses, clearly increased the risks. Even so, as seen on autopsies in Italian victims there is likely a bacterial component to this disease, the suspect agent being Chlamydia pneumonia.

Regarding the wild spice oil and clove bud oil spray it is irrelevant what are the germs involved. This spray contains three well-published germicidal oils, with wild oregano oil being most potent. Two of the 20 cases also used the juice or hydrosol of wild oregano, notably in one difficult case that did not respond rapidly to the mycellized spray. Only a small amount of this hydrosol, also known as juice of oregano, was given, about 5 ml three time daily. Other patients applied a wild oregano oil-based cream on their chests and other regions.

With the spray, in particular, the general results were improvement by “24 hours” and by the “second day.” In other cases there was gradual, systematic improvement over a one-week period. Even so, some individuals described immediately relief from the spray, primarily misted at the back of the throat, which proved highly effective, and was especially active against itchy throat and dry cough.

Furthermore, there were no untoward effects, that is all the results were positive. In one case a physical therapist was prevented  from being intubated and put on a ventilator,  using primarily the spray. Surely, the wild oregano- and spice oil-based supplements acted in this small trial to save lives. In contrast, it the Moderna experimental vaccine trial of some 15 health volunteers 20% developed reactions so severe that this required medical intervention and/or hospitalization. It was Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who listed these as subjects who were “severely injured.” As well, unlike the Moderna trials nothing was done to artificially skew the results or disguise the information.

The choice between harmless and highly potent spice oils and toxic, experimental inoculations is an easy one. Clean and pure, mountain wild spices and their extracted oils cannot be matched by any synthetics, because, no doubt, almighty God is magnificent. So is wild oregano oil.