With All the Concern About Dangerous Germs Wild Oregano Oil is the Supplement of Choice

May 16, 2020

C. Ingram

Make no mistake wild oregano is the most powerful natural medicine known. That’s quite a statement, considering there are tens of thousands of these, many of which are even more well-known. Thus, if you had to pick only one supplement in these tenuous times, for certain it would be wild oregano, especially the oil extract.

Consider the various natural medicines of prominence. There is garlic, onion, turmeric, rosemary, sage, licorice root, echinacea, and elderberry. These all have their special value. Yet, wild oregano is superior to them all. Here, it has exceptional potency as a broad-spectrum germicide. Turmeric, echinacea, rosemary, licorice root, and elderberry are lacking in this regard.

So, let’s say a person had a serious infection, perhaps the type associated with a pandemic. Then, the natural medicine to rely upon is the wild oregano, as an oil extract, the whole, crude herb, the juice-essence, and in a micellized form as a spray.

Let us look at its wide-ranging powers, which are compelling. Oil of oregano it is directly antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. No drug has the capacity to possess simultaneously all these powers. Moreover, with bacteria, viruses, and fungi it doesn’t matter what is the pathogen. It is universally active against them. Rich in the phenolic compound carvacrol and also containing a multitude of terpenes, it offers a mechanism unknown in synthetics. It directly attacks and dissolves the cell wall coatings, rendering germs incompetent.

The fact that it is universal against three massive germ categories explains its unprecedented capacities. In work at Georgetown University it was found to killed, essentially equally to drugs, the fungus Candida albicans. As well, the drugs made the mice sickly, while the oregano oil proved harmless with treated animal gaining robust health.

Other work found it active against drug resistant staph, E. coli, and tuberculosis species. Publishing in the Journal of Food Protection the FDA deemed it effective against nine deadly food poisoning pathogens, including E. coli, salmonella, listeria, staph, and pseudomonas. The purpose, though, of the government-sponsored study was rather than to do anything productive to instead prove it wrong. Yet, after thoroughly assessing it, clearly realizing its vast potential, the researchers suggested it be turned into a drug. So, nothing more was done with it, even though oregano oil was proven to be the ideal medicine for food poisoning germs.

Once again, at Georgetown University it was determined that wild oregano oil was active against drug resistant germs. It appeared, said noted lead researcher H. G. Preuss, to reduce infection as effectively as traditional antibiotics.

Then, let us consider this. It is at least equal to antibiotics versus drug-altered germs? Yet, then, unlike antibiotics, there are no side effects with wild oregano oil. For certain there is no chance for drug resistance.

Wild oregano offers yet another major action. This relates to its powers over the inflammatory response, specifically a reaction known as the cytokine storm. This ‘storm’ has been associated with the significant mortality rate seen in this disease in suspect people. It helps modify this genetic action, helping to tone it down. In contrast, for instance, vaccines do the opposite, greatly adding to the inflammatory cascade. To be able to attack and kill pathogens while not making the inflammation worse and turning down the inflammatory genes makes this as a therapeutic agent completely unique.

There is another key aspect. Oregano, though a spice, is a food. So, it can be consumed daily. Listed as a GRAS substance, that is generally regarded as safe, even its extracts are daily use and fully edible. In this era with infections of all types potentially undermining health, including drug resistant pathogens acquired in hospital and doctor’s offices, it is an ideal circumstance to take an effective natural medicine for prevention. While zinc, vitamin C, quercitin, and quinine derivatives are in the news these cannot compare to the great potency of oil of wild oregano.

Of all the natural medicines available as supplements wild oregano oil empowers the immune system better than any other. Plus, it offers other key therapeutic capacities, including is antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, and antioxidant functions. Regarding the latter research by the USDA found that it is more potent in blocking oxidative damage than any other common food and is some 40-times more potent than apple skins.

Wild oregano is a reliable therapeutic aid for major protection. Beware of cheap imitations made from farm-raised oregano, which is cloned and which contains artificially high carvacrol levels. Get the wild oregano oil derived from plants that grow on high-mountain rock. Oil extracts in extra virgin olive oil, micellized sprays with other spice oils, hydrosol or juice essences, and the whole, crude in bulk or capsule form can be commonly found in the market, particularly at health food stores.

Just always remember, wild oregano oil kills germs. All the other supplements that have been touted support the immune system. Even so, other germ-killing spices include oils of cinnamon, clove bud, wild bay leaf, wild sage, and cumin seed. A combination of these can prove a highly effective and reliable natural supplement, once again for daily use.