Young Nurse Says Everyone Should Get the Vaccine, Then Dies from the AstraZeneca Jab

March 20, 2021

Cass Ingram

A young nurse in the former Soviet Union enclave of Georgia only 27 years of age, Megi Bakradze, died rapidly after being injected with the AstraZeneca injection. As stated in other blogs on this Website she had the high vulnerability. This is related to low adrenal capacity, which doesn’t allow this type to mount a strong response to toxic insults.

She had all the vulnerable characteristics, which include small frame, slender appearance, soft voice, fine, wispy hair, and fair complexion. As well, she likely had a receding chin, a hallmark of the syndrome. Therefore, she could not handle the cytokine storm, which would completely overwhelm her. Anyone with the adrenal body type may stand no chance against this injection, no matter how strong or heathy otherwise is the individual.

This demonstrates how poisonous is this injection. It could kill anyone.

After getting the fatal injection she held up for at least a few moments, long enough to give a nonchalant interview live on TV9.

‘Everyone should get vaccinated,’ she casually urged, saying by no means was she afraid, although “people are afraid (but) there is nothing dangerous about getting vaccinated.”

This is obviously not the case. The pride really did, medically, precede the fall. She collapsed into a coma the next day and became essentially brain dead, dying shortly thereafter. Among her final words were “Vaccines are needed” and that the nurses and others are “powerless” against the pathogen, that we all must “vaccinate ourselves,” so people do not fall “seriously ill.” She suffered a delusion, fully consumed by the propaganda, one that proved fatal.

The following is the official health minister statements, one impossible to find in the US: Megi Bakradze, a young nurse, 27, slipped into a coma after an AstraZeneca jab in the Akhaltsikhe municipality. 

By the ministry of health there should be no tolerance. No further Georgians must be injected with these shots by any maker. AstraZeneca must be held to account. The family must file legal action against this perpetrator. It cannot be helped that the nurse was enamored by the false research. Had she truly understood that that this could be fatal she might have reconsidered.

The administer of the shot, the woman pictured, must also be held to account. She just killed a person. She must therefore halt immediately any further inoculations.

This rather tepid, frail individual should have never been inoculated, certainly not with chimpanzee virus raw material. The body would react violently to any such raw material. As well, it is virtually certain that any such injection will be contaminated. How does the culprit possibly sterilize chimpanzee blood? Plus, the injection contains various human proteins and DNA, which the body will regard as fierce toxins and will set out to destroy.

Her death will spark the opposite effect, creating hesitancy and even fear among the public and also various co-workers. She wanted people to rush into this carelessly. God is great, it will be the opposite of her proposal, where hundreds or ideally thousands will refuse the shot because of her example.

She joins the ranks of dozens of others, like Hank Aaron, who blindly followed their fearless leaders and arbitrarily killed themselves, while asking others to do the same. Thanks to the videographer, who did a great job in summarizing these findings.